At Phoenix School we create and maintain a safe learning environment as the welfare and protection of pupils is our highest priority at all times. All our staff are aware of the need to safeguard pupils and their responsibilities in identifying, reporting and recording possible cases of abuse and other causes of concern.

As a school, we follow policy and procedures for safeguarding children and young people. In line with these procedures, if a pupil attending the school has marks or injuries consistent with physical abuse or shows other signs of abuse or neglect, we are obliged to report this. In some cases, particularly those related to sexual abuse, parents and carers may not be informed first.

Our school is a community and we respect the differences that exist in various child rearing practices. We also respect parents’ perceptions of their own children.

Phoenix School is aware of the need to safeguard our pupils from extremism, radicalization and intolerance to diversity including views justifying political, religious, sexist or racist violence.

The needs, welfare and protection of children and young people will always be of paramount importance for the school and all its employees.

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